General Letting Conditions



The lease is the legal document that defines the conditions under which a property is let and the obligations of the signing parties. The lease is legally binding upon signature, and it is governed by Belgian law.



A reservation is valid upon receipt of the first rent and charges or upon signature of the lease and payment of a deposit of 500 € (with the remainder of the rent paid upon receipt of the keys). Payments should be made into the following BNP Paribas Fortis account : BIC xxxxxxxxxx and IBAN xxxxxxxxxxxx



The tenant must provide the landlord with a guarantee equal to a minimum of two months’ rent, in the form of one of the following :

•    ¥      Blocked Account, opened at a Belgian bank

•    ¥      Bank Letter of Guarantee, provided by a Belgian bank

•    ¥      Letter of Guarantee, provided by the tenant’s employer with an office in Belgium

•    ¥      Cash Deposit, equal to two months’ rent, paid into EUREMA’s account.


4.Payment of Rent

The first month’s rent is paid to EUREMA when the apartment is reserved or upon receipt of the keys at the latest.

After the first month, the rent and the provision for charges are paid one month in advance into the owner’s bank account, as stipulated in article 4 of the lease, and this should be arranged by standing order.



Upon entry into the apartment a detailed inventory is established, either by an expert or by EUREMA, and countersigned by both parties. This document describes the state of the property rented, including a list of contents. The tenant has 8 days after receipt of the document to inform EUREMA of any eventual remarks.

Upon departure, the inventory is checked against the state of the property at that time, and the resulting document must be countersigned by both parties in order to release the bank guarantee.


6.Cable TV

All apartments have a television with a cable connection, the cost of which is included in the common and private charges.



Upon departure, the tenant must pay for a final cleaning: 90 € for a 1-bed apartment and 100 € for a 2-bed apartment.


8.Common and private charges

Depending on the building, charges include :

•    ¥      Maintenance of the common parts of the building

•    ¥      Insurance

•    ¥      Common and private electricity consumption

•    ¥      Heating

•    ¥      Cable TV and internet connection

•    ¥      Hot and cold water consumption

•    ¥      Building management fee

This list is indicative and varies by building.

A provision is paid every month at the same time as the rent.

At least once a year, a detailed statement of account is established on the basis of real costs.


9.Technical services

The equipment put at the disposal of the tenant is in good general order, and must be used and maintained correctly, in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. In case of breakdown, the tenant can contact EUREMA for technical support. We are only able to follow up written requests. Some services are charged to the tenant.



Apartments and their contents are usually covered for fire and water damage by a common policy, which also covers the tenant’s responsibility. The tenant should take out a separate insurance for his/her own valuables.




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